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Asking questions is one of the keystone skills for a salesperson. 
Yet, few salespeople have ever been trained in the best practices of asking better sales questions.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of resources designed to help you ask better sales questions.

The Book
Question Your Way to Sales Success


“Question Your Way To Sales Success”

This is the ultimate resource on asking better sales questions.

A good question is the salesperson’s single most powerful selling tool, one that can be powerfully used in every stage of the sales process, from making appointments to closing the sale.

Yet most salespeople are ill-equipped to use this powerful tool effectively.

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Read these articles:

Title: “Knowing Your Customers”

Title: “The Five Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make”

Title: “How to Close the Sale ~ You’ve Got to ‘Open’ Before You Can Close”

Title: “Your Most Powerful Sales Tool”

Bring live, customized training into your company.

Hire Dave Kahle or other DaCo trainers to present a customized training program for your company. Ranging from a short keynote presentation to a full-day training session, we can create a sales training solution that brings measurable results for almost any size organization.

Dave Kahle, the author of the book, is a master of better sales questions. In these highly interactive workshops, your salespeople will create better sales questions for their unique selling situations, critique them, and then practice the skills of asking better questions.

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Review these video training programs. 

Each program comes complete with a video (or DVD), a facilitator’s guide, and a set of student’s guides. Each lesson is designed to last from 90 – 120 minutes. Each video/DVD training kit teaches specific applications for asking better sales questions.

Title: “Mastering Your Most Powerful Sales Tool”

A good sales question is the salesperson’s most powerful tool. 
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Title: “Asking Questions to Understand your Customer”

Good selling begins with a better understanding of what your customer really wants. Better questions lead you to that understanding.
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Title: “Asking for the Order”

The classic application of better sales questions. 
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Consider our CD training programs. 

This is a less expensive training option than the DVD kits, and covers the same content regarding asking better sales questions with an audio-only format. Suitable for groups or individuals;

Title: “Secrets of Asking Good Sales Questions — 2-CD set:”

Our comprehensive sales systems teach the science of asking better questions as a fundamental part of the system. 

The Kahle Way ® B2B Selling System

This is the ultimate selling system training program. It teaches five disciplines for effective planning and preparing, and four fundamental competencies, including asking better sales questions. Available as a live program, in a self-study CD program, and in a train-the-trainer DVD format. Learn more.

The Kahle Way ® Distributor Selling System

The only selling system available specifically for distributors and dealers, focusing on the unique characteristics of the repetitive sales call. Available in a live format, in a self-study CD program, and in a train-the Trainer DVD format. Salespeople who complete the course can take an internet exam and become certified. Learn more.

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